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1100-2600 CFM

The Ultimate Nitrous, Heads up, Bracket

Racing, T/Stop and Street Carburetor!!

The SV Series line of carburetors are designed for maximum performance in all categories of operation.  The SV1 is designed for Street use applications, High end bracket racing, Class racing and Nitrous applications when maximum power output and all around clean crisp and predictable performance from a program is required. 

All the SV1 exclusive components are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. using military spec tolerances. So the quality is unsurpassed, but check out its summarized features:

  • Incredible throttle response (designed for use with tight Nitrous converters)

  • Increased hood clearance (95mm blade version is 1/2" lower than a 4150 - ONE INCH lower than a 4500) 110mm blade versions on up are standard height at the air cleaner lip, but 5/8" lower at the vent tube.
  • Unbelievably crisp idle quality (keeps cold nitrous spark plugs from fouling)
  • Previously unattainable low speed signal (the booster maintains the proper ratio under the shock of heavy nitrous doses)
  • The fastest booster response time we've ever recorded (faster shift recovery)
  • Dual bolt pattern (fits on Dominator and 4150 intake manifolds w/no adapters)
  • Uses all the standard metering, bowl gaskets, seals and base plate gaskets
  • Boosters are divided in the center to allow quadrant tuning (this improves cylinder to cylinder air to fuel ratio distribution)
  • No tools required to remove the boosters
  • Boosters can be custom drilled to enrich or lean out a certain section of the carburetor venturi to fine tune cylinders needs.
  • Boosters are O-ring sealed (not pressed in) to eliminate signal leakage
  • Air cleaner bracket available (bracket has been test cycled over 1000 times with a 100 lb. load without failure).  The bracket extends away from the venturi area to allow the incoming air time to fill and straighten.
  • Perfect for Tunnel ram and Supercharged applications (the single blade offers symmetrical distribution at idle, part throttle and WOT).
  • Lightweight! SV1's are 10.2 lbs. to 8.0 lbs. (dependent on cfm).
  • SV1's are 3 to 5 lbs. lighter! (13.2 lbs. is typical for Dominators and 10.5 lbs for 4150's).
  • It simply bolts in place of your current 4150 or Dominator carb.

No special jets or gaskets are required!!  The design uses all standard Holley Jets, metering gaskets, bowl gaskets, base gaskets and seals.

To keep our prices low, we will ship this item the best way possible. We ship with UPS, FedEx and USPS, and will choose the carrier that has the best rate and service to your area. Your tracking number will tell you how your item will be shipped.

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We have been in business for over 30 years building some of the fastest race engines in the southeast with the best parts around and we are excited to now offer these parts to you at affordable prices. Our machinists are the best in the business and our sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Please give us a call with any questions about our items, we will be happy to talk to you about your project.


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